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There has never been a more exciting time to be in the energy industry.  To meet the challenges ahead for our industry, we need to make sure that we have all hands on deck – that we are recruiting from the COMPLETE pool of talent.  

What we do:  FAE actively recruits young women and people of color and encourages them to explore rewarding careers in the energy field by applying for summer internships with participating employers.    Most of our internships are supported directly by companies who are making an investment in the workforce of the future.  We also actively solicit funding from donors to support internships at non-profits and government agencies. 

Energy is currently the least diverse sector after mining, both by gender and by ethnic background.  One concrete way to encourage greater participation in the field is to reach out to students at a time when they are exploring their career options.   FAE works with employers to help them build their workforce pipeline from a new demographic. 

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Board of Directors

Future Face of America Energy Team: Nelson Reyneri

Nelson Reyneri


Senior Vice President, Sales and External Affairs, Liberty Power

Future Face of America Energy Team: Carter Wall

Carter Wall

Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Managing Director, Franklin Beach Energy

Future Face of America Energy Team: Ron Stimmel

Ron Stimmel


Senior Program Manager, Global Renewable Strategy, Amazon

Future Face of America Energy Team: Shay Reed

Shay Reed


Energy Buyer, Costco Wholesale

Future Face of America Energy Team: Kathy Loftus

Kathy Loftus


Global Leader, Sustainable Facilities, Wholefoods Market, Inc

Paul Kaufmann


Director of Finance Strategy, Alcoa