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Carter Wall

Future Face of America Energy Staff: Carter Wall

Managing Director, Franklin Beach Energy

Carter Wall is Managing Director for Franklin Beach Energy, which offers asset management and strategic advisory services for distributed generation projects. Prior to founding Franklin Beach Energy, Carter was Director of the Performance Solar Division of Broadway Electrical, a union electrical contractor that was one of the largest solar developers in the state, and led the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust (now the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center), under the administration of Governor Deval Patrick. She also serves on the board of New England Women in Energy and the Environment and is an Ambassador of the U.S. DOE’s C3E “Women in Clean Energy” program.

While Carter was Executive Director of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, the state developed an internship program for the clean energy industry. It was the experience working with employers on this program that prompted Carter and Nelson to found FAE, to help energy employers diversify their workforce.